Möt Balco på upphandlingsdagarna 2018

Välkommen att besöka Balcos monter under upphandlingsdagarna 2018. Ni hittar oss i monter B:13, Kistamässan i Stockholm. Upphandlingsdagarna är perfekt för dig som berörs av eller vill utvecklas inom svensk och europeisk offentlig upphandling. Konferensen pågår under 31 januari och 1 februari.
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Balco makes homes more relaxing!

Many of us are exposed to unwanted noise all day long. On our way to work, at work, and even at home. Today it’s difficult to ever escape noise. Traffic is the most common source of unwanted sound and it affects us more than we think. Exposure to noise that tends to disrupt the natural rhythm of life can affect our health enormously. These effects can include: general health issues, sleeping disorders, cognitive effects, hearing impairment, increased blood pressure and also cardiovascular issues. A way to reduce the risk and protect yourself and your family from unwanted noise could be to install an integrated glazing solution from Balco, since a glazed balcony form Balco actually reduce noise by up to 20dB.

Integrated glazing with framed panes cuts noise levels considerably. The ear perceives a drop of 10 dB as a halving of the noise level. Ramböll’s study and previous measurements show that an integrated glazing solution from Balco cuts noise by up to 20dB. This 20dB reduction is when you’re out on your Balco balcony. The noise reduction inside your apartment varies from apartment to apartment. It depends on many factors such as: When the apartment was built, how it’s built, what the façade is made of and the quality of the windows. What we can ensure is that residents with an integrating glazing form Balco benefit from a brighter, lighter living space with good acoustic protection and a more relaxing environment.


If you’d like to know more details please contact Balco’s Sales Team


Here’s three Balco examples

Clyde Terrace, Forest Hill in London, United Kingdom

Positioned alongside a railway in London, Noise pollution was a fact. A need to reduce noise pollution from the nearby trains was a major consideration for this new build project and Balco’s balconies were a good solution. By adding glazed balconies to Clyde Terrace, Balco was able to give residents an extra outdoor space that could be used all year round and with less impact from outside noise.


Mitros Housing Association, Wolfstraat in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Balco changed the old rotten wooden enclosures to new aluminum system. This has not only changed the whole appearance of the house it’s also minimizes noise pollution from nearby main road and railway.

Krohnsminde in Bergen, Norway

The façade on the four tower blocks in Krohnsminde, along the southern main entry road to Bergen, was in great need of renovation. The busy entry road also made the need for noise reducing glazing necessary. Together with the architect, Pål Jørgensen, Balco developed an attractive and functional solution. The result exceeded all expectations. Apart from an oasis where the 180 householders could relax protected from traffic noise, wind and weather, their balconies were as much as 3 to 4 times larger than before. The stately Krohnsminde has become an eye-catcher and a dignified entry to the city.

Balco continues to expand its capacity!

During the last couple of years Balco have continued to expand across Europe. Not only with sold balcony projects but also with manufacturing plants. Balco have expanded the production capacity from one manufacturing facility to four.

Balco have one factory at Balco HQ in Växjö, Sweden. Here produces all balcony types but mainly glazed balcony systems, delivered to the northern part of Europe. In 2014, Balco opened one production facility in Przytocna, Poland. Then in 2015 Balco acquired the Danish company Kontech, and together became Balco Kontech. Balco Kontech is located in Copenhagen and produce open balconies for city centers. And last month, the 19th of October Balco opened the fourth production facility in Łowyń, Poland. Here both glazed and open balcony systems are produced, mainly delivered to the south parts of Europe.

With this capacity Balco can ensure the outstanding quality of the products and that every sold project is supported the way customers would expect.


Balco – Europe’s biggest name in Balconies.


Here’s some pictures from the inauguration of the newest production facility in Łowyń, Poland. 






Balco stödjer Mustaschkampen 2017 – Kampen mot prostatacancer!

Ingen kan göra allt, man alla kan göra något!

Balco är stolt företagspartner till Mustaschkampen 2017 – Kampen mot prostatacancer

Varje dag, varje månad, varje år får tusentals män diagnosen prostatacancer. Det är Sveriges vanligaste cancersjukdom. Mer pengar behövs i kampen mot prostatacancern till forskning för bättre diagnos- och behandlingsmetoder samt opinionsbildning.

Var med och stöd Mustaschkampen här



In English:

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

We support the Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation “Mustaschkampen”.

Every day, every month, every year thousands of men get diagnosed with prostate cancer. One of the most common cancer diseases. The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation organizes “Mustaschkampen”, which is one of many organizations with the mission to defeat prostate cancer and raise awareness for men’s health issues  during November. More money is needed to support research and development and to achieve a better prostate cancer treatment.

We support, You can too!

Read more and support here

Gratisbiljetter till Nordic Architecture Fair!

Välkommen till Nordic Architecture Fair som hålls på Svenska Mässan i Göteborg!
Balco AB ställer ut på Nordic Architecture Fair, Svenska Mässan i Göteborg. Välkommen att besöka oss i monter F04:11.

Mässans öppettider:
Tisdag 7 november: 09.00 – 17.00
Onsdag 8 november: 09.00 – 17.00

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Vi stödjer Rosabandet i kampen mot bröstcancer!

Ingen kan göra allt, men alla kan göra något!

– Vi stödjer Rosabandet i kampen mot bröstcancer

Varje dag får ca 20 kvinnor i Sverige ett cancerbesked och de allra flesta av oss har någon i sin närhet som är drabbad. Cancerfondens Rosa Bandet-kampanj genomförs i oktober med syfte att finansiera forskning, sprida kunskap om cancerprevention och bröstcancer samt bedriva påverkansarbete. Balco är en stolt sponsor av Cancerfondens Rosa Bandet-kampanj och hjälper till att måla hela Sverige Rosa!

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Balco Group AB, en ledande leverantör av balkonglösningar i Nordeuropa och bolagets ägare har beslutat att genomföra en ägarspridning av bolagets aktier genom en försäljning av befintliga aktier. (mer…)