Clyde Terrace, London

Balco reduces noise pollution

Shortly about the project:

  • 34 wintergardens on a low rise London apartment block
  • The glazed balcony reduces noise from the nearby railway by up to 20db for residents
  • Our patented Twin® Sliding/Folding windows allow residents to enjoy an enclosed or open balcony, whilst the patented VentTec® system ensures that the system is properly ventilated even when the windows are closed
  • Integrated roller blinds enable residents to reduce sun exposure and increase privacy

Wintergardens make homes more relaxing for Clyde Terrace residents

Positioned alongside a railway line, maximising space for Clyde Terrace residents was only part of the challenge for landlord, L&Q. A need to reduce noise pollution from the nearby trains was another major consideration for this new build project and Balco’s wintergardens were a good solution for both concerns. By adding glazed balconies to Clyde Terrace, Balco was able to give residents an extra outdoor space that could be used all year round and with less impact from outside noise.
Homes benefit from brighter, lighter living space with good acoustic protection for a more relaxing environment.


Strongbridge Close

Balco adds value to homes

Strongbridge Close, Harrow, London
Metropolitian Housing


Shortly about the project:

  • 75 balconies with balustrade
  • Bespoke made perforated mesh with decorative tubing and curved design
  • Stylish, eye-catching design increases desirability and value of homes
  • Scheme designated a�?Very Gooda�� on the EcoHomes environmental rating scheme.


Balco makes homes more desirable at Strongbridge Close

Part of a 7year A?40m regeneration project, Balcoa��s balconies add a stylish, eye-catching feature to the modern low rise blocks at Strongbridge Close. The curved balconies with perforated mesh were bespoke made in Balcoa��s Swedish factory to meet the clienta��s requirements and exacting high standards. Not just a design feature though, the balconies provide tenants with a desirable, private outside living space that help to bring more natural light into their homes.

Woolmonger Street, Northampton

Balco makes installation simple

Shortly about the project:

– Balcony floors cast in lightweight steel frames
– Aluminium balustrade and infill panels save weight
– Modern construction and off-site solution for hassle-free installation

Balco uses modern method of construction for fast, easy installation

The clean-lined, lightweight open balconies on this project were precision-engineered in our Swedish factory and delivery directly to site in Northampton. The modular construction meant fast, easy installation and minimal disruption to residents. The new balconies provide residents with a sheltered outside living space that encourages more natural light into the home.



Balco makes homes bigger

Sterte Court, UK
Poole Housing Partnership


Shortly about the project:

– Existing concrete cantilever balconies replaced by 114 fully-glazed wintergardens
– The new balconies are more than four times bigger than the original balconies.
– Enclosed balconies provide space that can be used all year round
– National Federation of ALMOs award-winning project for efforts to a�?create greener homes and reduce fuel povertya�?


Mrs Hawkins, Sterte Court resident:
a�?I never used to use my balconyA�very much,but it is lovely to sitA�out in now, with the glazingA�to keep out the wind and theA�weather. Balco did a really goodA�job.a�?


Wintergardens solve extra space problem for Poole residents

The installation of Balcoa��s wintergardens helped to improve the architecture of two prominent buildings overlooking Holes Bay in Poole. They also provided residents with a new 9.5m2 glazed room. No longer used as an outside storage space, this larger, more comfortable balcony area can now be enjoyed all year round as an extra room for al fresco dining or other outside activities.A�By choosing a glazed balcony, Poole Housing Partnership was also able to deliver much-needed improvements to energy efficiency and water tightness.


Product Specifications for Sterte Court

Specified at Sterte Court, Balcoa��s complete glazing system allows you to tailor the balcony to meet your residentsa�� needs and the specifications of your property. The modular system gives you the option of working with the existing floor module and roof, or building it from scratch. Various drainage, frontage and window options are then available for you to choose from. As you can see from the before and after photos, the new balconies make a big impact.

With our patented and unique Balco TwinA� window, you get two systems in one for maximum flexibility and the option of opening up the whole balcony. The elegantly designed window can be opened like a normal sliding window or folded in.


The right choice of drainage system keeps the frontage looking fresh and clean for longer, since clever drainage stops the formation of ugly drip marks from rain and dirty water. We have developed our own patented system to lead water away along concealed channels.

Our patented ventilation system ensures that the supply of fresh air to the balcony remains unchanged after glazing. All our balconies have built-in Balco ventilation VentTechA� to reduce condensation, uncomfortable heat gain and safeguard the buildings existing ventilation system.


a�?Glazed balconies not only improve quality of lifeA�but also boost residentsa�� pride in their homes.a�?
Poole Housing Partnership
Graham Prentice

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